BioTeq are the UK's leading human technology implant specialists.
We provide a full range of human implantable technology solutions, from RFID and NFC implants to complete bespoke systems and hardware installations. We also provide complete medical professional human implant procedures to install any of our implant products.
*Please note we are not able to provide support unless we have carried out your implant procedure.
Human Implantable Technology Using NFC and RFID Microchips
Choose from our range of RFID human microchip and NFC human microchip implants. We provide direct sales of our implant microchips and also provide a UK wide implant service. Human micro-transponder or "microchip" implants can provide a range of benefits and uses, from opening doors, starting cars and storing medical data. We are developing a range of uses in the medical arena, from aiding those with limited use of their hands, amputees and individuals suffering from a range of conditions which may be aided with implanted access technology and storage of medical data.

We have been widely featured in the press on the launch of BioTeq and have a range of exciting developments in progress. We are happy to discuss the concepts, please get in touch.

What Can BioTeq Human Technology Implants Achieve?

Door Access Systems
Replace your conventional locks with NFC/RFID lock systems, allowing
access with the wave of a hand! We can provide both the implant
procedures and the hardware installation to refit your locks with
smart versions. Contact us for a complete solutions quote!
Contactless Payment Systems
It's the one everyone ask about, and yes it is possible and it is in
development now. It's not a simple solution of "cloning" your bank card to
your implant chip but the tech is compatible and a working solution should
be on the cards soon!
Car Ignition Solutions
Start your car with the swipe of a hand, we offer bespoke retro-fit solutions
for nearly all cars and motorbikes. Simply jump in to the car, place your
hands on the steering wheel and the engine will start via your embedded
RFID/NFC implant.
Personal Data Security
Store a range of encrypted personal data on an NFC implant chip, from
bank account details & passwords to medical data or bitcoin wallet details.
NFC chips offer a range personal data storage solutions which you can
likely never lose!
Medical Data Storage
Store basic medical data within an NFC microchip embedded in your hand,
think of it as a smart medi-alert. We are working with a range of
medical providers to enable NFC reading technologies to be widely
available as this technology expands.
Bespoke Payment Systems
Want a way for staff to pay for drinks? vending machine? printing credit?
and RFID/NFC solution could well be the way to go, removing the need for
cash and enabling staff to top up and spend money with the simple swipe
of a hand!
Multiple Use NFC Solutions
Unlock your laptop, open a personal safe, open a car door, the list of NFC
solutions is endless and can be adapted to fit whatever solution you are
looking to achieve. All this can be controlled via your hand and embedded
NFC implant!
We only use qualified medical professionals for any implant procedures.
Unlike body modification and piercing studios we can legally administer local anesthetics and provide a full medical install procedure.
We can provide local anaesthetics for pain free implantation.
We offer a range of custom manufactured implants.
We sell ready made kits for all implants.
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